Thursday, October 24, 2013

The GOP Has A New Strategy To Better Serve The Public

Reporters were present at a meeting that House Republicans had to discuss their new strategy for serving the public.  One might have thought that the GOP would address the major concern of the American people that has been revealed in the polls.  Their top concern is government dysfunction.  The House Speaker, however, proposed a new strategy.  It is the same strategy that has made the public concerned about government dysfunction.  Their new strategy is to attack the Affordable Care Act by investigating the problems with the implementation of ACA.  The GOP leaders expressed deep concern for the problems that people are having when they attempt to enroll in the program that they attempted to defund.  In other words, their new strategy is simply a different tactic to abolish the ACA which they portray as the greatest threat to our economy,  and perhaps to existence of the universe.  They are "shocked" that technical problems have made it difficult for citizens to enroll in the plan that want to abolish.  Does anyone believe that their investigations into the implementation of the ACA will make it more available to the public?

The most obvious conclusion from this meeting of House Republicans is that they have nothing new to offer to the public.  It is a party that is devoid of ideas.  They have convinced a segment of their base that President Obama is a socialist devil who was born in Kenya and that the ACA will destroy the nation that was created by our founders.  Apparently, that is the message that House Republicans plan to use to animate their base in the 2014 election campaign. Frankly, its hard believe that we have gotten to this point in our democracy.  One of our major political parties is being led by the most backward segment of our society that it has been cultivated primarily for the purpose of winning elections with a message of hatred and fear.

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