Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anger Unites Much Of The GOP Base

Anger is a powerful motivation.  This article summarizes extensive studies of the GOP base.  It describes how the base is segmented and some of the differences between each segment.  The base is angry about the direction in which the country is headed and it believes that Obama and the Democratic Party have been leading the effort to destroy their country.  Obama won the election by fooling the public and moderate Republicans are too weak to keep him from destroying the country.  There has been a lot theorizing about what is going on in the GOP controlled House.  The data in this article pull it all together. 

The article does not describe how the anger and concerns within the GOP base has been stoked by the media, but Fox News and talk radio have helped to create and direct the depth of anger that unites the various segments of the GOP base.  Many members of the GOP either share the anger that exists in the GOP base or they are using it for political advantage.  They are not willing to compromise with their devil and Obamacare is viewed as a testament to the devil's handiwork.

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