Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Market Morality And The Morality Of Common Sense

The ideology of free market morality has been on the ascendency in the US.  That is because the socially dominant groups in society prefer an ideology that justifies their position in society.  This article presents two ways of thinking about social morality.  One view makes the moral case for the social welfare state.  That ideology is contrasted with the ideology of free market morality.  It then presents four questions for those who support the ideology of free market morality.  In order to be consistent with the ideology one must answer yes to each question.  One quickly finds that answering yes to each question is not easy.  That is because free market morality runs counter to our common sense intuitions about morality and social justice.  Ask your libertarian friends to answer the four questions.  It will encourage a lively discussion.

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