Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Transcript Of The Senate Intelligence Committee Chairperson's Senate Speech

This speech by the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee is quite revealing and it raises serious questions.  Chief among those questions is the ability of Congress to provide oversight to the CIA.  It is pretty clear that the CIA has interfered illegally with the Senate investigation.  It has also used its "assets" in the press to provide false information to the public.  The CIA does not want to public to know the extent to which its interrogation and deployment program violated the intent of the law which authorized its action, and the CIA does not want the public to know facts about how the interrogations were conducted because of their heinous nature.  The CIA is enabled to operate above the law in countries in which it conducts covert operations.  Apparently, the CIA believes that it can operate above the law in the US.  Its management views Congress and the executive branch as a hindrance to the operation of its internal government which it regards as superior to our elected government.  Otherwise it would not conduct covert operations against the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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