Saturday, March 8, 2014

CIA And Congress Clash Over Interrogation Report

The Senate Intelligence Committee did a study of the CIA's interrogation and detention program.  It was critical of the methods used by the CIA and it raised questions about value obtained by the use of waterboarding.   The CIA had commissioned its own study under former Director Penetta.  It raised similar questions about the effectiveness of the program.

The CIA responded to the Senate Intelligence Committee Report by questioning its findings which are similar to the CIA's Penetta Review.  The CIA responded by scouring the digital logs of the computer network used by Senate staffers.  They believe that the staffers may have illegally discovered the report.  The Senate Intelligence Committee has accused the CIA of interfering with its mandate.  The Justice Department has been placed in the middle to determine the outcome of the battle between the Senate Committee and the CIA.  In any case, it seems clear the Senate investigation of the CIA program, and the CIA review of the program, came to similar conclusions.  The CIA pushed the limits of acceptable behavior and got very little out of it.

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