Wednesday, March 19, 2014

American Association For The Advancement Of Science Report On Climate Change

This report, from the most prestigious science organization in the US, does an excellent job of describing the science of climate change, and our understanding of the risks from climate change.  The report makes it clear that there is no debate within the scientific community about the relationship between climate change and human behavior.  Although it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen as our planet warms,  we are already witnessing some of the changes that have resulted from the 1.4 degree temperature increase.  Unless we take actions today to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, some of the damages may be irreversible.

There is little in the report that is not well known by those who are concerned about climate change.  The language, and organization of the report, however, should help the general public better understand the science, and the risks, from climate change.  We think nothing of insuring ourselves against the risk of unlikely events like a fire, or an automobile accident. The scientific community asks us to insure ourselves against the highly probable risks from climate change.

This report can be used as the gold standard in our discussions about climate change.  The public has been led to believe that there is doubt in the scientific community about the causes and the implications climate change.  There is no debate within the scientific community. The AAAS  has ended the debate.

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