Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Unrest In Crimea And Cold War Rhetoric

This article describes some of the events in Crimea and other parts of East Ukraine.  There is a concern that civil unrest in Ukraine will be difficult to contain.  The relationship between Russia and the West has also been damaged.  The Russian Parliament authorized Putin to use military force in Crimea, and more broadly in Ukraine, to protect Russian speaking citizens.  It views the government in Kiev as illegal, and many believe that Western powers are behind the overthrow of the former president.  President Obama's speech was also viewed as a threat to Russia and an insult.  It did nothing to discourage the course of action taken by Russia.  On the other hand, Obama has been put in a difficult situation at home.  Republicans will continue to portray him as a weak leader who is being pushed around by Putin.  Obama has few options at his disposal to influence the events in Ukraine, but he may feel a need to show some signs of strength to counter GOP taunts about handling of foreign policy.  We may be seeing a revival of the Cold War of the post WW ll era. 

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