Tuesday, March 4, 2014

George Will Claims He Knows More About How To Respond To Events in Ukraine Than Obama Or Kerry

As one might expect, George Will offers his reading of history which enables him to understand how to deal with Russia.  His reading of history would not get him high marks on his understanding of history. However, it will reinforce those who share his view of history.  Will's historical perspective on history is quite simple to understand.  Liberals and progressives are responsible for the mistakes that have been made in dealing with tyrants.  Obama and Kerry are making the same mistakes that progressives have made in the past.  George Will's opinion pieces are syndicated in a large number of small cities and towns in the US.  He plays an important role as an opinion maker.  His role is to build and maintain disdain for progressive ideals in his readership.  His role is somewhat different than that played by Fox News.  He has a better vocabulary. 

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