Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Selling Soap And Selling Politicians

This chart shows the spending by Republican PAC's versus Democrat PAC's.  The marketing expenditures on competitive Senate and Congressional seats favors the GOP by a wide margin.  Our elections campaigns may become interesting material for graduate students majoring in marketing.  We will read stories that tell us that one can't sell a bad product with advertising, and others that tell us how one campaign had more compelling ads than others.  May the best marketers win.

The top GOP contenders are now beating the bushes to attend a meeting hosted by a billionaire who will listen to their stories so that he can select candidate with the best chance of winning the election.  If candidates cannot line up the financial support necessary to run an effective campaign they are out of the race before the election campaign begins.  I don't think that this is the form of democracy that our founders envisioned.  However, it is the best way to achieve the patrimonial society that we seem to cherish.

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