Friday, March 14, 2014

Talks Between Kerry And Lavrof In London Go Nowhere

The Russian Foreign Minister said the US and Russia do not share a common view of the situation in the Ukraine.  Russia supports the referendum that will be conducted Sunday in Crimea which enables its citizens to determine its relationship with Ukraine.  The US does not support the referendum.  Russia also has different view of the interim government in Kiev.  It believes that the elected government was deposed by forces supported by Western nations.  Russia does not recognize the government, and most Western nations have supported the interim government which does have its share of far right nationalists in leadership positions. 

The British Prime Minster, who hosted the meeting in London, indicated support for the US position on Ukraine which he believes to consistent with that of Britain and the EU.  The British government, however does not support the efforts of the US to freeze the assets of Russian oligarchs held in its large banks.  The City Of London, which is similar to Wall Street, is one of Britain's major industries, and it competes with other nations which enable the wealthy to hold their assets abroad and to avoid taxes.

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