Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is America a Center Right Nation?

One way to answer the above question is to reference the label that people select when they are asked by pollsters whether they are conservative or liberal.  The percentage of Americans who identify themselves as conservative is rising.  That leads us to believe that we are a center-right nation.  Paul Krugman refers us to a political science blog which raises a question about that conclusion.  The basic problem is that people call themselves conservative for at least two reasons.  Some identify with traditional family values.  Others are economic conservatives.  Those who identify with traditional family values are not necessarily economic conservatives.  No political party based upon economic conservatism could win elections in the US because they are few in number.  That is why the GOP bases its political campaigns on divisive social issues.  And that is why they argue that America is a center-right nation.  We are center-right in name only (An obvious play on Republicans In Name Only or RINO).

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