Friday, March 7, 2014

Paul Ryan's Speech Against The School Lunch Program And The Big Lie

The Washington Post's fact checker researched the source of a great line used by Paul Ryan to win applause from his conservative audience.  He discovered that the person who provided Ryan with the line had apologized for misrepresenting the story when she had used it publically.  The Post fact checker concluded that Ryan should not have used the story in a major speech without checking on the source.  Ryan did not do his homework.  The story was too good for him to pass up.  It was about a boy who did not want to accept a school lunch.  He wanted a brown bag like the like the other kids because it showed that their mother's care about them.  Kids don't want lunches provided by government.  They want to be taken care of by their parents.  Government is the enemy of family values and personal responsibility.

Ryan has a history of making things up when it may help him to further his career.  His budget proposals are loaded with misrepresentations of fact.

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