Sunday, March 30, 2014

The End Of The Wisconsin Idea By The Anti-Environment Party

Wisconsin has been a leading state in the environmental movement.  The Wisconsin Idea called for the use of science in the development of Wisconsin's natural resources.  This article describes Scott Walker's support for a project that would end the Wisconsin Idea.  Walker is promoting the development of the largest open iron mine in the world.  Scientists have taken samples from the site which indicate that several pollutants would be released that would endanger one of our greatest sources of fresh water.  It would also run rough shod over the rights of Native American's who have been granted rights to land that would be polluted by the mine.

Scott Walker is the Republican governor of Wisconsin who has been vigorously supported by the Koch brothers who have used their billions to move state and national politics to the far right of the political spectrum.  They funded the Tea Party movement and they have been among the leaders of the anti-environment movement.  The Koch brothers have made their mark on politics in Wisconsin.  Walker is in their pocket, and Republican's now have a majority in the state legislature.  The iron mine project was defeated when Democrats were in the majority, but it has been supported by the Republican majority in the legislature.  It would appear that the project will go forward unless the Obama Administration takes action against it.  The GOP will argue that stopping the project will cost the state 700 jobs.  The Republican Party could care less about 700 jobs.  They use the job loss tactic to disguise their real purpose.  They want the financial support of the mining corporation which will reap millions from the project at the expense of the environment.

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