Saturday, March 8, 2014

What Do Conservatives Stand For?

Dana Milbank has been attending CPAC which provides a platform for conservative cheerleaders.  The one thing that conservatives agree upon is that they hate President Obama.  Their 2014 political campaign is based upon hatred for our president and the healthcare plan that they have named after him.  The top Republican in Congress was not even invited to CPAC.  Many in the CPAC crowd blame him for making a deal to prevent the nation from defaulting on its debt.  They wanted to use the threat of default to win concessions from the president that they have demonized. 

Milbank found that CPAC is more about things that they don't like, than it is about what they are for.  There are 26 potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination.  They share little in common with the exception of hatred for the president who defeated them in two elections. 

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