Thursday, February 9, 2017

All The Trump News That's Fit To Print For Yesterday

Donald Trump has a fetish about the media and polls.  He hates the "false media" that checks facts and he loves the real fake media which distorts facts in his favor.  He has a similar opinion about polls.  He deplores polls which show that he and/or his policies are disliked; he reports the results of polls which show that his base loves him.

The real news in this article is that his Supreme Court nominee told a senator that Trump's harsh criticism of the justices that are reviewing his ban on Muslim entry into the US for six months is disparaging and demoralizing for the court system.  Trump responded to that news by accusing the senator of exaggerating his service during the Vietnam war.  He has a knack for changing the subject when he has to deal with an unpleasant fact. He attacks the messenger.  He made no mention about how he avoided service in Vietnam because of bone spurs in his heel.  Trump, of course, loves the court system when it helps him and he hates it when it does its job by providing a check on presidential power which is one of its most important role in our system of checks and balances.

The president is also displeased about Nordstrom's decision to discontinue his daughter Ivanka's line of expensive apparel.  He sent his propaganda minister Kellyanne Conway to his propaganda outlet Fox News to tell Trump supporters to take action against Nordstrom's business decision. by buying Ivanka products. This, of course, is the way Trump believes that free markets should work now that he is our president.  They should do what he tells business managers to do.  They are free to do as they please as long as it pleases The Donald.

The only good thing about The Donald is that he provides all the news that's fit to print for our press. That is great for business.  He also provides lots of material for comedy shows and TV new shows. He is boon for the entertainment industry.  In the process he has also activated millions of citizens, who have not been politically active, to band together in protests against his majesty and his deplorable policies.

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