Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Donald Trump Suffers From A Common Cognitive Disability

Dana Milbank reviewed a number of Trump's tweets and discovered that he can't spell.  He humorously displays many of them in his article.  He then created a humorous example of a Trump memo that repeats uses all of his commonly misspelled words. We probably should not make fun of a president who suffers from a common cognitive disability.  However, it does make one wonder about his ability to read and comprehend the written material that he reviews.  Milbank's humorous example is quoted below:

My Fellow Americans: You may be shoked by my military attak on the Kingdom of Denmakr. You may think it is rediculous and one of the dummer things I have done, and I admit it is unpresidented to bomb a peaceful nation. But my insticts and my judgement say we cannot afford to loose, for it would bring dishoner. And so we do not go gently into that good knight. We send our troops from their baracks until Denmakr’s aggressions are payed for. Only then will Copenhagen rise like the Phoneix. We will not falter, we will not fail — and we will not chock.

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