Tuesday, February 14, 2017

David Brooks Tells Us How To Resist Trump

David Brooks is smart enough to realize that the Trump administration has serious problems.  He chose three ways of resisting Trump and he decided that the best option was to let Trump and his administration self destruct.  In doing so he was forced to minimize the threat that we face from Trump.  Trump is simply incompetent. He will not complete his full term in office.  Our problem is to rebind our government and our society after he fails.  We should relax and do nothing about the threat that he represents.  I agree with Brooks that Trump does not understand how to run our government but I am not willing to wait for the Republican Party to oust him for incompetence.  In a sense, the Republican Party created the opportunity that Trump exploited.  They said nothing about the cabinet members that he nominated during the Senate hearings.  Many of them had a record of opposing the agencies that they were selected to manage.  Few of them had any experience in government. Trump is getting the government that he and the Republican Party want.  Incompetence does not matter to either of them.  Being is charge of the government is the goal which satisfies Trump and the political party that he has captured.

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