Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Its A Tough Job Proving That 2 + 2 = 5

Donald Trump has sold himself to many of his supporters as the superman that they need to protect them from terrorists.  That strategy is related to the degree of fear that exists in his base.  That explains why Trump accuses the media of not reporting 78 instances of terrorism that is on his list but not reported by the media.  Kellyanne Conway has the tough job of defending Trump's false claims when she is interviewed by the media.  This article describes her interview on CNN.  It includes a link to the video. Kellyanne has the difficult job of defending Trump's list when she has to admit that the list contains numerous terrorist attacks that were extensively covered by the media. Trump's list is false and misleading.  The major attacks were well covered.  The public certainly understands that terrorism is a problem.  Its also hard to explain why the terrorist attack on a mosque in Quebec City was not on Trump's list.  Kellyanne also has to deal with Trump's critiques of her interviews.  Trump devotes a large amount of his time to watching the performance of his staff who appear on TV.  He evaluates their dress and how fiercely they defend his falsehoods. They are critical to his need to viewed as a superman.

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