Monday, February 27, 2017

Fox News Doubles Down On Lie About Sweden

Trump claimed that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden at his Florida rally.  After the media reported the lie, Trump claimed that it was reported on Fox News.  That was also not true.  Fox News had reported that crime had increased in Sweden.  That claim was also denied by Swedish authorities.  Bill O'Reilly found another way to show that Fox News is more truthful that the "mainstream media".  O'Reilly found an individual, with no connection to the Swedish government, to claim that crime has risen in response to immigration.  That is inconsistent with government records, but O'Reilly proved that Fox News can be relied upon to support Trump lies.  It shouldn't be difficult to find an individual in Sweden willing to say anything that Bill O'Reilly decides to report.  That is how Fox has built its audience of conservatives and red necks.

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