Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Will Trump And Company Destroy The World Order?

David Brooks' op-ed today is ostensibly about a person who decided to be present where history was being made.  Brooks reviewed the places where he had decided to be and he threw out a few ideas of his own.  He decided that Washington was the place to be today.  The quote below explains why he selected Washington.  The Republican government with Donald Trump in the White House will either preserve the world order or destroy it according to David Brooks.  That seems like a clear and present danger that we should be doing something about.  What are you doing about it?

Today, I’d say the most pivotal spot on earth is Washington, D.C. The crucial questions will be settled there: Can Donald Trump be induced to govern in some rational manner or will he blow up the world? Does he represent a populist tide that will only grow or is some other set of ideas building for his overthrow? Are the leading institutions — everything from the Civil Service to the news media to the political parties — resilient enough to correct for the Trumpian chaos?

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