Saturday, February 4, 2017

How Donald Trump Could Undermine Democracy In America

I had referred to an article in The Atlantic by a conservative writer who had worked in the Bush Administration.  A lot of people have read the article and it raised their concerns about how Donald Trump could establish an autocracy in the US.  Many may not have used the link that I had posted which was buried in the article I posted.  Consequently' I have posted a direct link to the article.  I strongly recommend this article because it shows how easy it would be for any president who is unconstrained by morality or by Congress to produce an autocratic form of government in America.
All of the ingredients are present.  Trump is amoral and primarily cares  only about himself.  The Republican Congress has an opportunity to take advantage of the Trump presidency to achieve many objectives that it could not obtain with Obama in the White House.  We can't expect Congress to act as a check on an out of control president.  The only real protection that we have is resistance from ordinary citizens.  In order to properly resist the decay of our democracy it is important to understand how to resist.  This article provides a good introduction for those who want to understand the enemy in our midst.

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