Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trump Stages A Campaign Rally In Florida To Spread Fear

The Donald was in his glory yesterday in Florida.  He stoked fear in the hearts of his ignorant supporters, and he puffed up his chest and proclaimed that he would be their savior.  He also warned his Fox News literate audience that they should not pay any attention  to the "fake media" because they tell lies about him.  Its easy to understand why he does not want them to pay attention to the mainstream media.  They fact check what he lies about.  For example, he told his rabid audience in Florida, seeking rapture, that there was a terrorist attack in Sweden Friday.  Tweets from Sweden after Trump's campaign rally, to scare his followers, deny any terrorist attack Friday night.  His audience will not learn about Trump's lie on Fox News or talk radio.

The Donald enjoys his campaign rallies.  It bores him to deal with governance, with the exception of issuing executive orders and sending tweets to keep his fans in rapture.

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