Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump's Nominee For Secretary Of Health And Human Services

Some citizens may be curious about the kind of people that The Donald has nominated for his cabinet.  This article reviews the career of the person who will lead the federal government's efforts to improve our healthcare system.  The person that Trump selected is much like himself.  He earned a lot of money as a doctor but that did not satisfy him.  He became a congressman in Georgia and he used his position in government to take advantage of insider information to invest in healthcare stocks that turned out to be very profitable. He failed to report some of his investment gains in his financial disclosure, but that is par for the course in Trump's administration.  He is worth only $10 million, which is chicken feed in comparison to Trump's net worth, but like Trump, financial gain appears to drive his behavior.  We have to ask ourselves why this doctor was selected by Donald Trump and why Republican senators supported his nomination.  The medical profession has been producing lots of doctors today who are devoted to making healthcare more affordable and increasing access to medical services.  Trump's nominee is not one of them.

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