Sunday, February 12, 2017

Saving The Trump Presidency

Ross Douthat is one of the conservative op-ed columnists for the NYT.  He is a William Buckley type of conservative and he has been highly critical of Donald Trump.  He has to figure out what to put in his op-eds.  He decided to write nice things about the Republican Party under Trump.  It looks like he has figured a way out of his dilemma.  Trump should give up his self destructive behavior and let the Republican Congress run the country.  After all, according to Douthat, Trump as created a reasonably good cabinet.  I can sympathize with Douthat's effort to rehabilitate the Republican Party and maintain his career as one its more literate supporters.  However, he is totally wrong about the problem in Washington.  In the first place, Trump's cabinet is a one of the worse cabinets that I can recall.  Moreover, it was totally supported by a Republican Congress that Douthat wants to run the country. Secondarily, he is totally wrong about Trump's motivations and his willingness to step aside and turn the government over to the Republican Congress.  Trump would prefer to run the country himself.  He expects the Republicans in Congress to do as he instructs them.  He has turned on senior senators like John McCain when they disagree with him.  Any Republican in Congress who refuses to let Trump do as he pleases will face the threat of a Trump tweet that will anger the core base of the Republican Party.  It is Trump's party.  It is time to pay less attention to Trump's nonsense and focus our dissent on the Republican Party that has enabled him.  They cultivated the base that Trump has captured from them, and they have ceded control over the Party to a dangerous child.  They should pay the price for contributing to the danger that we all face. 

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