Friday, February 3, 2017

How Will Trump Divert Attention From His Incompetence?

Donald Trump won the general election by promising that he would expand the economy and create jobs for many American's who have been left behind.  Paul Krugman is a Nobel Laureate who realizes that Trump's policies will not achieve what he has promised to his base.  What will he give them in exchange for his failed promise?  Krugman argues that Trump will rely upon the last refuge of tyrants.  He will shift his focus to foreign policies which place the US military at the forefront.  His base will "rally around the flag" and forget about his economic promises. 

Paul Krugman is an economist who understands why Trump's economic policies will fail.  It will take time for the public to realize that he not done what he promised.  They are not well versed in economics and they don't really dig into the details of economic policies.  It may be time for Krugman to join forces with his colleague David Brooks who describes the deeper concerns that we should be debating about Trump and his Svengali Steven Bannon.  Brooks' article has been posted below.

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