Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Defends Lie About Sweden With Another Lie

The Donald told his devotees at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday that there was a terror attack Friday night in Sweden. He argued that the terror attack was due to Sweden's liberal immigration policy.  He, of course, was going to prevent this from happening in America.  The problem with Trump's false claim is that there was no terror attack Friday night in Sweden,  Most people would regard his false claim as a lie.  However,  The Donald defended his lie by claiming that Fox News had reported the attack.  There are several problems with The Donald's defense of his lie.

In the first place, Fox News did not report a terror attack in Sweden.  Tucker Carlson, who recently joined Fox to spread false news, tried to make a more general point that Sweden's liberal immigration policy is responsible for an increase in Sweden's crime rate.  That was not exciting enough for The Donald's revival meeting.  He lied about the terror attack and then he defended his lie by claiming that it was reported on Fox News.  In The Donald's twisted mind it makes perfect sense to defend a big lie with another lie.  He knows that most of his followers do not get their information from the mainstream media that reported both of his lies.  Of course, that is why The Donald keeps telling them not to pay any attention to the "fake news" provided by the mainstream media.  He uses Twitter to inform his devotees because it is a fact free source of news.

The Republican Senator John McCain did not call Trump a dictator but he defended the free press in an interview on Meet The Press.  He argued that we should learn from history that attacking the free press is one of the first moves made by dictators.  Chris Wallace debated this issue with Trump's Chief of Staff on Fox News and argued that Trump went too far when he stated that the free press is the enemy of the people.  It provides a check on the abuse of presidential power.

The Donald has a long history of lying even before he entered politics.  He once used a use a false identity to send information to People Magazine to report that Donald Trump was dating a popular celebrity.  He sees no difference between the truth and falsehoods.  He has even lied under oath in law suits.  Its easy to see why he is critical of the press which places a higher value on the truth than he does.  His base loves him when he tells lies but he is going to have tough time governing when much of the nation does not believe anything that he states.

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