Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Google Fined $2.7 Billion In EU Anti-Trust Suit

This article describes how Google's search engine was misused in the EU.  I used to enjoy using Google's search engine because it provided me with useful sites.  It is less useful to me now because search results are often dominated by ads which are triggered by the search.  Since Google is the dominant search engine it can make deals with advertisers which give them a favored position is searches.  The EU calls that an abuse of monopoly power.  Google is not alone in this kind of practice.  It was possible to get useful information from sites like Webmd and the Mayo Clinic.  Now they are dominated by ads which offer remedies for the health issue in one's search.  Useful information on these sites has been reduced in favor of generating advertising revenue.  Some of the sites even give a satisfaction rating to advertised remedies.  My guess is that favored positions are sold and not earned.

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