Saturday, June 3, 2017

Mike Pence Mimics Trump's Rationale For Exiting Paris Accord

This post contains a one minute video clip of Trump's Vice President praising his decision on Fox News.  Trump selected Pence as his running mate because of his reputation among evangelicals and far right conservatives during the Republican primaries.  Pence was his defense against "Lying Ted Cruz" who based his campaign on securing the far right conservative base.  Now that Pence is our Vice President his job is to help Trump hang on to that base.  His defense of Trump's decision to exit the Paris Accord shows that he still has that role in the Trump administration.  Pence argues that the Paris Accord is part of global liberal conspiracy that will destroy the US economy.  He understands that his base hates liberals as well as anything suggesting global conspiracies. The science behind global warming is irrelevant. It is sufficient to give it a liberal label.  Of course, Fox News provides the best platform to reach that base.

Pence echoes much of what Trump said about the Paris Accord but he is much slicker.  He actually connects sentences together in a much more coherent fashion.  He seems to relish that job as Trump's Vice President.

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