Monday, June 5, 2017

How Can We Counter America's First Post-Rational President?

Larry Summers believed that senior members of Trump's foreign policy team would prevent him from doing stupid things.  The statements made by two of Trump's senior advisors following Trump's decision to exit the Paris accord have convinced him otherwise.  They have defined Trump's Post-Rational world which defines his presidency. 

Until last week, they had a reasonable argument. No longer. We may have our first post-rational president. Mr Trump has rejected the view of modern science on global climate change, has embraced economic forecasts and trade theories outside the range of reputable opinion, and relied on the idea of alternative facts rather than evidence-based truth.

They advance a theory of international relations not unlike the one that animated the British and French at Versailles. On this view, the objective of international negotiation is not to establish a stable peaceful system or to seek co-operation or to advance universal values through compromise but to strike better deals in “an arena where nations, non-governmental organizations, and businesses compete for advantage.”
Summers applauds the CEO's who resigned from Trump's economic advisor group after his Paris decision.  He asks that others follow suit.  It is up to the adults in our society to undo that damage that our post-rational president is capable of.  CEO's need a more rational world to build the long range plans than Trump provides.  He changes his positions regularly depending on what he observes on cable news shows.

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