Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Kansas Legislature Overturn's Brownback's Tax Cut Theory

Governor Brownback sold the state legislature on one of conservatism's fairy tales.  He convinced them to cut state taxes in order to stimulate economic growth.  That experiment has been ongoing for six years.  The tax cuts did not work as they were supposed to work according to the fairy tale.  State deficits grew, and funding for important state programs, like education, had to be cut.  After many years of this game the Kansas public has asked state legislators to end the game.  They voted to raise taxes in order to fund critical programs.  Brownback was not ready to give up on his fairy tale.  He vetoed the tax increase.  The legislature then overturned Brownback's veto.  Game over for Brownback.  The legislature responded to citizen discontent with Brownback's experiment.  It also was getting tired of being laughed at by critics who have been using Kansas as another example of the failed strategy of cutting taxes in order to increase state revenue.  The Trump administration might learn something from the failed experiment in Kansas.  Trump has adopted a similar strategy.  Anyone who thinks that Trump might learn anything from reality is sadly mistaken.  Fairy tales are hard to give up.  "Alternative facts" will be invented to preserve it.

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