Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump's Economic Agenda Is Dead

I just returned from trip which kept me away from the Internet.  Its hard to add much new information to the collapse of the Trump administration but we can continue to learn from the president who never stops giving us new reasons for concern.  Donald Trump was given an opportunity much like the opportunity that Reagan exploited to his advantage.  Trump wasted that opportunity.  In particular, he failed to use the advantage that he had with a Republican congress to move the economy forward.  Its unlikely that he will be able to get anything done domestically and his foreign policy mistakes are of his own making.  He has not learned how to be a president and he seems incapable of learning how to stop running the presidency like he ran his family business.  Some of the consequences of his failures are described very well.  His opportunity to be another Reagan has been wasted.  The only remaining questions about his administration have to do with the nature of his death spiral.

There is a good following article about his failures during his trip to the Mid-East. He created an unwelcome conflict that was inspired by his poor understanding of the politics in the Mid-East which led to rookie mistakes.  He makes no efforts to use the resources available to him to make informed decisions. 

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