Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Are The GOP Alternatives To Trumpism?

Conservatives are not happy with Donald Trump after only 150 days as their president.  A conservative from the Bush administration restates the obvious problems with Trump's administration; he considers some of the possible solutions available to conservatives but they are all messy.  If conservatives are displeased with Trump's performance its understandable why many Americans are alarmed about eight years of destruction to our democracy.  He is not only a threat to conservatives and the Republican brand; he is has no respect for our democratic institutions.  He also diminishes US global leadership which has served a good purpose 70 years. 

There does not seem to be a realistic alternative to eight years of Trump.  The Republican Party still hopes for the potential benefits from a Republican in the White House.  That outweighs the real concerns that many Republicans share about Trump's leadership.  The only hope for Democrats is the 2018 election.  They may be in an position to reduce the damage from Trump if they can do well in the election.  However, despite public concerns about Trump, gerrymandering has made many Republican seats in the House noncompetitive. Democrats have a better chance in the Senate but it will be an uphill battle.  Moreover, that is not an alternative that appeals to moderate Republicans.  They still believe that Trump is a better choice than "socialism" from the Democratic Party.

In the last analysis, without help from Republicans,  our only hope is that Trump continues to self destruct.  He has a real talent for that.  Several of his businesses ended up in bankruptcy.  Unfortunately, that solution is not available to our government.

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