Saturday, June 17, 2017

Trump Found A Way To Get What He Did Not Want

Trump wanted FBI director James Comey to announce that he was not under investigation.  He made a failed effort to get Comey into his camp and he fired him when his demand for loyalty was rebuffed.  That gave Comey an opportunity to reveal things to a Senate Committee that he could not have done in his capacity as the Director of the FBI.  Comey testified under oath that he was fired because Trump was unhappy with the FBI investigations that Trump calls a "witch hunt".  He, and his campaign, had done nothing wrong, but he did not want the investigation to continue so that it could prove that he and his campaign had done nothing wrong.  Trump is now blaming the Deputy Attorney General for his problems.  He hired a special counsel to take over the investigation.  The special counsel has placed Trump under investigation for obstructing justice.  Trump cannot understand how his firing of Comey, led to a special counsel who may accuse him of obstructing justice.  He does not understand the difference between running his family business and being the president of the US. He regrets his loss of freedom to fire anyone who displeases him.

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