Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Why Trump's Budget May Not Be Dead

I posted an article below which argued that Trump's budget proposal was dead.  That argument was based upon the problems that Trump faces from a variety of sources.  It was also considered dead because of it's sheer savagery.  Trump's plan would cut federal spending by $4.3 trillion over 10 years. Around 60% of the cuts would reduce spending on programs that affect people with low to moderate incomes. 

There are many reasons why Trump's budget may be passed by Congress.  In the first place, Republicans hate Medicaid and SNAP which provides food stamps for the poor.  Trump's budget cuts those programs considerably.  Secondarily, the GOP seems ready to approve a healthcare bill that is similar to the House bill that would reduce coverage for millions of Americans.  The senate bill makes the cuts more gradual.  It also requires states to take more responsibility for Medicaid which cuts the federal contribution to Medicaid dramatically.  The states would also assume more financial responsibility for SNAP.

Since Trump is in the White House,  Republicans do not have to worry about a presidential veto.  They are also likely to structure the bills so that they can be passed with a simple majority.  Democrats in the senate would not be able to use the filibuster to kill the bills.

Despite all of the problems in the White House, Republicans control the House and the Senate.  They have an opportunity to kill programs they have always hated.  They are likely to take advantage of this opportunity.  Apparently, it does not matter that 59% of Americans disapprove of Trump.  We have a one party government at present and the GOP will take advantage of that situation.

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