Friday, June 30, 2017

The Road To Collusion With Russian Hackers May Go Through Mike Flynn

The Wall Street Journal published an article that raises important questions about Michael Flynn's role in the Trump campaign.  Donald Trump made no secret about his desire to find the emails that Hillary Clinton deleted from her private server.  One of Trump's supporters who had no formal connection to the Trump campaign set out to uncover the deleted emails which Trump could use against Clinton in his campaign.  Trump's supporter contacted Russian hackers to determine whether they had access to the missing Clinton emails.  He used Michael Flynn's name to lend credibility to his communications with Russian hackers.  Flynn was Trump's chief foreign policy advisor during his campaign.  He also had close connections with top Russian officials.  Trump awarded Flynn with the top national security job after his election.  Flynn was forced to resign after it was disclosed he lied about his connections with foreign officials in his required disclosures.  Flynn had become a target in the FBI investigations and Trump asked the Director of the FBI to bury the investigation.  Trump fired the FBI Director when he failed to obey Trump's request and he refused to take a loyalty pledge to Trump.

The investigation into Michael Flynn is still underway.  Its quite possible damaging information about Flynn's role in the Russian hacks will be discovered.  That takes the investigation back to Donald Trump's connection to Flynn's role in support of the Russian efforts to undermine Clinton.

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