Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Republican's "Secret" Plan To End Medicaid On Installment Plan

A handful of Republican senators have crafted an Obamacare repeal plan that will win every GOP vote in the senate which will be enough to pass the bill.  It has also been set up so that it cannot be filibustered by Democrats in the senate.  Since Republicans did not want to face constituents who have lost their coverage under the new bill, they have crafted a plan that cuts Medicaid over a seven year period.  It is death on an installment plan for millions of Americans.  There are two reasons for the cuts in Medicaid.  Republicans have never liked Medicaid, so killing it on the installment plan enables them to kill Medicaid without making it visible.  The other reason for killing Medicaid in the health bill is that it is funded in Obamacare by a tax on wealthy Americans.  The new GOP plan was developed so that they could pay for the tax cuts  by spending less on Medicaid.  Many of them do not really like Trump, but they can only get this bill passed, without a presidential veto, with a Republican in the White House. 

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