Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump's Legal Team Is As Ignorant As Trump Is About HIs Job

Trump's legal team has no experience in government.  His legal team is the one that he used to litigate his legal problems when he ran his family business.  His legal team displayed its ignorance by tweeting that federal attorney's and FBI personnel work for the president.  That is why he can demand loyalty from them and fire those who he does not like.  The president can fire them as they claim.  On the other hand, they take an oath to support the Constitution and the separation of power in the Constitution that was established to prevent the president from using federal employees for his own personal advantage.  They are public employees who do not work for the president as his employees did in the Trump Organization.

Trump made a similar mistake when he ran a public corporation.  In effect, he worked for his shareholders but he ran his public company exclusively for his own purposes.  The company failed and his shareholders lost their investment.  On the other hand, Trump paid himself well as the CEO.  He made millions while his shareholders lost their investment.  The directors that they let him appoint did not serve the shareholders very well.  We also elected a president who cares little about the people who elected him to office.

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