Saturday, June 24, 2017

Koch Network Claims That Senate Health Bill Is Not Conservative Enough

The Koch Brothers spend tens of millions fund Republican campaigns through its American's for Prosperity organization.  They are libertarians who want to minimize the role of government in society.  They have many supporters in the House and quite a few in the Senate.  Most of the criticism about the Senate health bill is that it cuts benefits and access to healthcare for millions of needy Americans.  The Koch Brothers and their minions in Congress call the Senate bill Obamacare Light.  Instead of shrinking Medicaid and other government entitlements they would prefer to eliminate them.  The Senate has to navigate a path between Koch's minions and more moderate Senators who prefer a more generous health bill.  The Koch Brothers may be more successful at sinking the bill than moderate Republican senators.   

Its rather amazing how a single family with billions to spend purchasing politicians  and opinion makers in conservative "think tanks" can have such a major impact on our government. This is not the kind if democracy our founders had in mind.  We don't need much help from Putin to weaken our democracy.  Hierarchy based on wealth and democracy are antithetical to each other.

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