Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trump's America First Agenda Has Hurt Him And US Global Reputation

It is not surprising that Donald Trump's "America First" election campaign has been harmful of our reputation in most of the world.  The US reputation improved only in two countries.  Russia and Israel like us better under Trump.  In the rest of the world, according the Pew survey,  the US reputation has crashed along with Donald Trump's rise to the presidency.  The reputation of the US also suffered during the Bush administration.  The Iraq war, and the lies contrived by the Bush administration to build support for the way were very damaging.  It took eight years of Bush to damage the US image abroad.  It took only six months of Trump to produce a similar result.

Trump supporters might argue that our reputation abroad does not matter.  I guess that depends upon whether the moral and political values that were built up over 70 years are considered to be important to our welfare.  No business would be happy with a destruction of its image.  Moreover,  Trump's reputation will continue to deteriorate over the next 3.5 years.  Few will follow his leadership.  Germany and other nations will pick up the slack produced by Donald Trump.  He is not only disliked; he is regarded as unqualified for the job that he holds.  The statistics in the Pew survey should be alarming to all of us.  Our reputation recovered under Obama after the disaster of George Bush.  It did take long for Trump to destroy the reputation built up under Obama.  We may not be as luck next time.  Trump will ignore this study and place the blame on Obama and the Democratic Party for out lost prestige.  That is one of his big problems.  He never accepts blame for anything.  That is why he never learns from his mistakes.  The only thing that matters to Trump is winning.  That is why he is pushing as hard as he can to sell a healthcare bill that violates all of his campaign promises and is terrible for our society.  He wants a win no matter what it costs.  If he does not get a win, he will blame others for its defeat.  His base will applaud his courage and his energy.  Many of them don't know how the bill will affect them.

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