Friday, June 30, 2017

What Does The Fake Time Magazine Cover With Trump On It Say About President Trump

Donald Trump's organization operates numerous golf courses in the US and elsewhere.  A fake Time magazine cover with The Donald on the cover is prominently displayed in many of Trump's private clubs.  The fake cover with his picture on it also includes banners about ratings for his TV show.  The use of a fake Time cover in Trump's golf clubs was not newsworthy before he was elected as president.  It became newsworthy after his election because it speaks loudly about the character of our 45th president.  Trump bragged about being on more Time covers than anyone else during his campaign.  That was not close to the truth.  He was only on a single Time cover before he won the presidential election.  His lies about Time magazine covers is similar to his lies about the size of the crowd at his inauguration.  Donald Trump has an insatiable need to be admired (not loved).  He will place those needs above anything else when he makes important decisions.  When it comes to important bills being legislated in Congress Trump is more concerned about winning than he is about the public impact of a bill.  Trump celebrated the passage the House healthcare bill with a victory party in the White House.  He did so even though he stated that it was a "mean bill".  The Senate is negotiating a revised bill to send back to the House for approval into law.  Trump tweeted a falsehood about the Senate draft of the bill in order to promote its passage.  He stated that it did not cut spending on Medicaid.  That was misleading because Medicaid spending over the next 10 years will be much less than federal spending on Medicaid that is in the ACA bill that it would replace.  Moreover,  Medicaid spending over the remainder of the 20 year period that is part of the CBO analysis of proposed bills would cut federal spending on Medicaid even more.  The CBO concluded that 22 million Americans would lose insurance coverage in the Senate bill.  Trump will place a higher value on passing ANY healthcare bill, so that he can celebrate a win, than he does on its impact on 22 million needy citizens.  We can expect that his approach to other bills will be influenced more about how it affects his image as winner than how it affects our nation.  We have placed an individual who cannot be trusted to tell the truth, and is only interested in ego gratification, in the White House. 

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