Sunday, May 21, 2017

Are Establishment Elites Out To Thwart Trump's Populist Agenda?

Ross Douthat is one of the conservative journalists for the NYT.  Some of his conservative friends, and the usual subjects like Sean Hannity, have risen to Trump's defense.  They claim that Trump campaigned against the "establishment elite" which is attempting to undermine his populist agenda.  The short answer to that defense is that Trump does not have a populist agenda.   Douthat believes that populists deserve more consideration than they have been given, but that Trump is not really interested in them.  He is primarily interested in himself.  Douthat goes through the populist list of items that Trump espoused on the campaign trail and he gives Trump a failing grade.  The so called establishment elite is not after Trump because of his populist agenda.   He doesn't have one.  He is being attacked because of problems that he has created as a result of incompetence and moral failure.

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