Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reactions From The Rest Of The World About Comey Firing

This article provides a sample of press reactions to Trump's decision to fire the FBI director who was leading the investigation of Russian interference in the US election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.  Outside of Russia, few believed Trump's explanation for firing Comey.  On the other hand, the reaction was mixed in parts of the US that voted for Trump.  Its interesting that Hillary Clinton's campaign invested heavily in ads suggesting that Trump was too impulsive to act rationally as our president.  Many of Trump's supporters applauded his "decisiveness".  They want the president to behave like they imagine that business leaders behave by making snap judgements.  Its also clear that the Republicans, with a little help from a friend, succeeded in undermining Clinton's campaign by focusing attention on her misuse of a private email server. 

The election is over but the damage done to US democracy, and to our credibility as world leader, has been badly damaged by Trump's presidency.  Trump has shown how democracy can be subverted even in the world's leading democratic nation.  The Republican Party has also demonstrated how the party system can distort democracy. Most of its leaders have shown that they place their party above the interests of the nation.  They have witnessed the dysfunction of their president for three months but they seem powerless or too corrupted to alter his bizarre behavior.

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