Friday, May 26, 2017

Can Conservatism and Republicanism Be Saved?

Michael Gerson has been a loyal conservative and Republican for many years.  He served as a speech writer for George W. Bush.  He is appalled by what he calls a disease of conservatism.  The prominent use of conspiracy theories in conservative media, as well as by Donald Trump.  He is concerned that the disease will destroy the ideology that has loved and supported during his career.

Jennifer Rubin has similar concerns.  She has been a loyal Republican for her entire career as journalist.  She did not support Donald Trump in the GOP primaries but she hoped that she could support President Trump.  She no longer holds on to that hope.  This may the obituary for the Republican Party that she once loved.  It has been transformed into a monster that she no longer recognizes.

These are personal losses for two respected conservative Republicans.  It is also a loss for America and the rest of the world. 

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