Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Is California Our Best Defense Against Trump?

Tom Friedman can't decide whether Trump is crazy or whether he is crazy like a fox.  He avoids making a decision because he is not a doctor.  In either case, he worries about the damage that Trump might cause while he holds the power of the presidency.  The Democratic Party is too weak to stop Trump but states have powers that they can use against many of his policies.  California is at the head of the class.  Friedman describes several things that California is doing, often with other states, that thwart many of Trump's efforts to increase carbon emissions in order to win votes from coal miners and contributions from fossil fuel businesses.  Trump is a slow learner but he is finding out that running the federal government is very different from running a family business.  He does not understand that America is not an oligarchy.  Deal making is much more complex in a democracy because politicians have to face elections and because most Americans like it that way.  Signing executives orders is not the way to get things done in a democracy.  Bills have to be passed by Congress.  That seems to be too much of burden for Trump.

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