Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Toughest Job In The World: Communication Manager For Trump

The article tells us what three of Trump's spokespeople said about the decision to fire the FBI director.  Their stories were not taken seriously by many people but they tried as hard as they could to make the story seem plausible.  Trump just threw them under the bus in an interview with NBC today. He claimed that he would have fired Comey without the fiction about the role of the Justice Department in his decision.  Its no wonder that his press handlers are the target of late night comedy shows. Its very difficult to justify much of what Trump does or tweets about.  Its even a tougher job when Trump turns around and changes the story that they have been trying to sell to the media.  Trump's experience running a family business has not prepared him for a job in which he has to manage a large organization of advisers and communication professionals.  He wants to do everything himself and he is uncomfortable with anyone else doing jobs that prefers to do himself.

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