Friday, May 12, 2017

If There Is No Crime, Why Is Trump In Coverup Mode?

This article rehashes a lot of information that has already been reported.  However, I posted it because it ended by posing a good question.  Trump has been acting like someone who is worried about something that might be uncovered in the FBI investigation.  He is doing a lot of the things that Nixon did when he was being investigated about Watergate.  Nixon announced that he is not a criminal.  Trump just announced that he is not a subject in the Russian investigation. He claims that the investigation is pointless.  "Me thinks he protests too much"  Why kill an investigation if there is nothing to fear?  He should be supporting the Russian investigation so that we can prevent a recurrence. He may be worried about a weak link among his associates who have been asked to provide information to a federal prosecutor.  In a typical investigation of this sort the weak link gets flipped and makes a deal to incriminate someone higher in the chain.

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