Friday, May 19, 2017

Why The Trump Agenda Has Collapsed

In order to get anything done in Washington it is essential to get leadership from the White House.  David Brooks argues that the White House is broken.  He does not know where the investigation will go, but Trump has not staffed the White House with enough quality people.  He has also failed to establish a positive and productive culture. It is a culture of selfishness. The damage has been done.  Top people will leave, and it will be impossible to recruit talent to the White House.  That means that it will be impossible to get any major legislation through Congress.  In less than six months Trump's presidency has been destroyed.

Its probably a good thing that Trump's agenda will not go anywhere, but four years is long time for the government be in a state of paralysis.   It is also not surprising that this happened.  Trump ran an organization of around 100 people and many of them were part of his family or loyalists.  He was able to run that organization essentially by himself.  He has the kind of personality that helped him to establish the Trump brand.  He also bullied his opponents with threats of lawsuits.  In other words, he was not the kind of person that should have been in the White House.  Large organizations do not operate like the businesses that Trump owns. The most important job of the chief executive is to put talented people in key positions and to build a positive culture.  That can only happen when the person at the top of the organization has qualities that Trump does not possess.

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