Thursday, May 25, 2017

Watch How Fox News Educates Trump Supporters About Trump And Russia

This video shows how Fox News, which argues that it is the "fair and balanced" news network,   serves up fair and balanced news to its audience.  Fox has successfully marketed its news to the segment that tends to vote for Republicans in general and to Trump in particular.  Its easy to see why 40% of viewers who voted for Trump get their news from Fox.  This is what they regard as fair and balanced news.

For example, they support many of the arguments that Trump has made.  The media are providers of fake news which is unfair to Trump. There is no reason for the media to inform the public about any connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.  They make no effort to explain why the House and Senate are investigating possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, or why the Justice Department empowered a Special Counsel to conduct an investigation.  Its all because the "liberal news media" are after Trump for no good reason.  They have also invented a number of other specious arguments to defend Trump. They have taken the usual step of shifting attention away from Trump by raising questions about the real criminals that should be investigated.  Of course, the usual subjects are the Clinton's and Obama who should be investigated instead of Trump.  That would be real fair and balanced news.

The good news for American, and the bad news for Trump and Fox News, is that Trump's support has floundered dramatically. Republicans in Congress will go down with the ship if they stick to Trump.

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