Friday, May 5, 2017

Trump And "America First" Is Turning Many Foreign Governments Against The US

Donald Trump's America First slogan has been popular enough to win the presidential election in the US.  This article describes how his policies and tweets have affected politics in several other nations.  America First sells well with Trump's base but it has had a negative effect on politics in many other nations.  Instead of pointing to America as a positive example of powerful nation that is concerned about their interests,  politicians in many nations are using Trump's unpopularity as a political weapon.  Some of them may replace US friendly governments with less friendly governments.  In France something different is happening.  Macron has been comparing his opponent's "France First" agenda with Trump's unpopular America First form of nationalism which would be better named the "Trump First" nationalism that more accurately describes his policies.

Trump, of course is tone deaf about his influence outside of the US.  He boasts about his ability to charm foreign leaders and the "good chemistry" that he has established by meeting with them.  He does not need a State Department to inform him or to establish good relationships with foreign nations.  He just needs to turn on the charm that he has used to build a real estate empire. 

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