Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why Trump Is A Bullshitter And Not A Liar

This article instructs us on the difference between a liar and a bullshitter.  A liar knows the difference between a lie and the truth.  That is why a liar attempts to prevent disconfirming facts from becoming public.  A bullshitter does not care about the truth.  The truth is anything that is useful at the moment.  If things change the bullshitter will seem to contradict himself.  There is no contradiction because nothing is true; it changes with circumstances.  Ignorant people tend to be bullshitters.  They don't know the subject matter so they resort to a random stream of nonsense.  They don't expect others to see it as ignorance and incoherence.  Bullshit is also used as a loyalty test by Trump.  He makes a bullshit statement and then he observes whether members of his staff repeat the bullshit.  His communication staff have to deal with this all of the time.  Sean Spicer passed his test of loyalty when he repeated Trump's bullshit about the size of his inauguration crowd, his electoral college landslide, and why he lost the popular vote.  He proved his loyalty but he lost his credibility with the media.  Trump then blamed his communication people for not convincing the press to believe the bullshit.  The bottom line is that Trump has created a world in which bullshit dominates much of our discussion and some media outlets produce bullshit on a regular basis.

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